About the Owner

Mitch Foos, owner of the King’s Garden, enjoys his diverse role as designer, technician, and builder.  In 2005 he graduated from the College of William and Mary, earning a B.S. in Religion and Psychology.

“My background in the social sciences and religion is not at odds with my profession.  In fact, the way families enjoy their outdoor environment has a profound impact on the psychology of the home.  Enhancing aesthetic beauty, creating eco-friendly landscapes, building a custom children’s garden…these are all ways to improve life around the home and promote well-being through wholesome living.  One does not work in this field long before finding out how important landscapes are to our community.”

Mitch started working as a lawn technician in 1998, and has since gained expertise in a variety of areas within the field:

  • Weekly Grounds Maintenance
  • Turf Management
  • Tree/Shrub Care
  • Landscape and Home Construction
  • Crew Management
  • Sales/Contracting
  • Design

While he enjoys all aspects of landscaping, he is passionate about turf management and construction.  Mitch takes his work seriously and believes in the value of expert craftsmanship.

“It’s the little details that make a landscape special, allow it to speak to us in some way — the individual qualities of a particular stone, chosen for its unique location; the subtle effects of downlighting on an entry walk at night; the way a planted bed transitions smoothly into the natural woodline.  These details, often overlooked, are what separate ordinary landscapes from extaordinary ones.”

Mitch grew up with a deep respect for the natural world, a legacy passed down from his father, Dr. Robert Foos, who recently retired from the Williamsburg Sentara Emergency Room.

“I have learned many things from my father, but one thing that stands out is his love for nature.  Throughout my childhood, experiencing and respecting the outdoor world was paramount.  This is a quality I value in both of my parents.  In the evenings, you won’t find them plopped down in front of a television set…instead, head around to the back yard and there they’ll be, watching the sun go down behind Sarah Creek.”

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys music, sports, fishing, studying the Bible, and mission outreach/education with his church.  He, his wife Amy, and their daughter Mikaela attend Bellamy United Methodist Church in Gloucester, Virginia.  Mitch is an avid violinist, focusing primarily on traditional Celtic fiddle music.